Why do you read?

( All the photos shown below are taken from @readsleepfangirl!) Wherever I go , most of the people ask me , “why do you read?” “You can do something more interesting than reading.” “How do you read? I can’t even read course books.”  Dear dear. I read because it’s my habit. I read when I want to escape from this world. I read when people make me people I’m below thier standard. I read when life is full of complications and i can’t handle situations.  I read to release stress. I read when people judge me without knowing me. I … Continue reading Why do you read?


together forever is just a thirty five days love sibling love which is above even the sky and stars looking for someone. who fights , kicks, hugs , scold and doesn’t run and say what is done is done but everyone isn’t lucky enough to have one , what should they do to have fun you’re gonna mess up sometimes siblings are partners in crime but when you are an alone candle , how you are gonna handle? you always shut yourself up and cry and burnup questions are filling up your heart , whom you going to ask sweetheart … Continue reading sibling


Hello daddy, I love you so much. And i will never ever forget you, even though i can’t remember your laugh , your face , your jokes , nothing! Just few memories to numb my soul. To make me feel all alone Is it okay ? To see other people with their daddy and getting jealous? Swearing ? I want you come back please! Give me a shoulder to cry on , a person to trust , a superhero , a person whose little princess i am. Please! i love you come back!  daddy! people out there doesn’t understand , … Continue reading THE LETTER


Some people would rather hear ‘I don’t like you’ than being ignored. For people like me it sucks when someone ignore you whose attention is the only thing you want in this world. ♥ Age doesn’t define maturity. People of my age are also aware of these problems. Ignoring someone is the worst thing you can do to them.  Some people also suffer athazagoraphobia  athazagoraphobia- phobia of being ignored or feared. From childhood , those children who are left alone or ignored or worse forgotten can arouse this phobia. Those children who are being ignored may end up over thinking … Continue reading Ignoring